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Comments for Bloom Luka, Riverside

An excellent debut album. A great combination of serious personal songs such as "The Man is Alive and "Hudson Lady" as well as mystical humor in "An Irishman In Chinatown. Highly recommended.
I first purchased this album on the strength of a single I heard on "Nightlines" a late night radio program in Canada. That single was "Jaqueline's Gone to Pablo", and is still one of my favorite songs. The songwriting is good and rythems lyrical, all in all a good effort. The mood of the album sweats of the experiences of an Irishman in New York, and is one of the most charming aspects of this effort. Is feels though, that some of the earthier Irish tones are being overproduced out of this album, a feeling confirmed in his next release "The Acoustic Motorbike"
E-MAIL: well actually i would like to comment on his latest album i.e. TURF. What a masterpiece combined with exceptional guitar work. I am looking for anyone who can get me the chords and also how he tunes the guitar. My name is not mary but paul butler, of knockmore, ballina co mayo.can any fan help me?
E-MAIL: Tishbite3
Luka captures the Irish spirit and mixes it in a way that''s better than a pint of Guinness! In "Turf", his mesmerizing voice and rich melodies compliment the lyrics that are obviously written with passion. "The Acoustic Motorbike" includes LL Cool J''s, "I Need Love" which might leave you wandering around the house trying to perfect your Irish accent with the phrase ''I neeed luuv''. Mostly, it''s an uplifting album that''s an imperative investment. "Riverside" will have you tapping your toes and thinking deep philosphical thoughts (sometimes at the same time!) Any Luka Bloom CD is going to be exceptionally pleasing to those who enjoy "True Blue Talent".
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