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Comments for Bonoff, Karla, Karla Bonoff

CD number is CK 34672, Columbia. Remastered for CD, gorgeous. Readily available in the US as a "nice price" CD, along with 2 other Columbia albums, _Restless Night_ (CK 35799, Columbia) and _Wild Heart of the Young_ (CK 37444, Columbia.) Bonoff's last album, _New World_, is currently available as a Japanese CD on the JVC label.
Sadly none of the CD releases include the original inner sleeve notes so hang on to that old vinyl!
This is the lp that makes me know Karla and maybe the one I prefer. I think it''s really fantastic! Karla you''re great!
This is her first album from a total of... 6 (?) released to date. I like to call her "The most underrated singer/songwriter inAmerica.NOTE: This is the LP version. CD number must be diff.
Unbelievable that she's never been discovered in Europe. But who knows, if she write more songs the more people would love her unique voice and music for years.
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