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Comments for Indio, Big Harvest

It's amazing...the new song, This Way Down, is fantastic. If this were placed on a new album and released, it would probably be album of the year! I can't believe such a talented songwriter is lost in obscurity. While Big Harvest sounds a bit dated nowadays, it's brilliance is still there, and the new track shows Gordon has only gotten better, not worse, and has changed with the times! Let's hear something new!
I remember the song back in '89 around the time I began developing a more positive relationship with the earth. It's a gorgeous piece of music and I tend to agree with people that the world could use the talents of Mr Peterson. That was only confirmed by listening to the download that is available by the link on the site. Why is it the talented musicians who seem so tortured (okay, Britney is an exception!)?
Great album...only wish Gordon Peterson had done more.
This guy sure seems to be one of the most talented songwriters the world has ever seen. How ironic that he would get dumped by A&M after only one album and never resurface. I've tried a bunch of times to track him down and even heard from a guitarist for Cowboy Junkies that he was living north of Toronto and working on demos, but never heard anything more. By the way, that was back in 1994. What a tragedy. Big Harvest still ranks as one of my all-time favorites, but I don't listen to it much anymore. It bothers me to think that I'll never hear from this guy again. What a shame. What a waste of talent. What a ridiculous situation.
Gordon Peterson, wherever you are, try to issue another piece of your work. Feed our souls.
I believe I first heard this album in 1989. It was a demo we got in the store. I bought a copy within the week. I listened to it nonstop. I watched for years for another one and never saw it. I got it out again last weekend. The sounds are timeless and the songs are still as powerful as when I first heard them. Suprised that someone this talented has not resurfaced with a cult following.
Loved this album to pieces. It still stands the test of time over all these years. I only have an original cassette. Does anyone know where I can get the LP or a CD copy? Any info on the band and members would also be very useful. Thanks much.
I also love this album. My brother turned me onto it probably a few months after it came out. A year or so later I wrote to the address trying to get the lyrics, but the letter came back as undeliverable. This is on eof thousands of tragic cases of a talented artist having their career derailed by the greed and arrogance of the major labels. A terrible waste. I do have an extra copy of the album I would part with to a devoted fan and I can make a CD copy too.
I bought this CD in a bargain bin on the recomendation of a friend. It's one of my most listened to CDs and I have thousands. Great work. I looked everywhere for a follow- up, but it wasn't to be. It's neat to know others where as moved by this CD as I was.
For all who tried to find more about Indio- Big harvest. this is all the useful stuff I found on google after 1 hour search: They made one album only. Released in 1989 by A@M Records (do not bother with this record label's web page, it sucks) Band was composed of: Gordon Peterson - strings (this guy has little or no internet presense) David Rhodes - guitar David Botrill - engineer Larry Klein - bass (this guy is the husband of Joni Mitchell)I think he was the producer or co-producer of this album (ie the guy who came up withthe money) Brenda Russel - vocals Joni Mitchell - vocals Note: In the album its a guy who sings. Is it Gordon Peterson? David Rhodes? Here is a site who describes the group well: albums/tengreatalbums.html
One of the most incredible albums I have ever owned. I am trying to find it on CD - does anyone know where I can get a copy? Would really appreciate it!
This album has been probably my most listened to album for over 10 years. The music is incredible, the lyrics and melodies are unforgettable and the playing on this album is world class. Given that the band consisted of such virtuosos as Vinny Colaiuta who has played with everyone from Sting to Peter Gabriel, David Rhodes who is Peter Gabriels longtime guitarist, and Larry Klein, who is also world renowned. Unfortunately, even though the music was on the same level as Gabriels So album or any of Stings work, he never received the push from his label that he deserved and like so many talents, languishes in obscurity. I have found the entire album online, through Bearshare. It is out of print and unavailable through the label. I had a friend who owned a large retail operation in Canada who had a really hard time finding any CD copies of the album, though there are still many cassettes floating around.
Unbelievable album. 111000111 ... 000111000 ... Earth to Gordo ... make another album ... 101010101 ...
Unbelievable album. 111000111 ... 000111000 ... Earth to Gordo ... make another album ... 101010101 ...
By far one of the top ten albums i listen to...i grew up on genesis, marillion, fish, and gabriel...this album ranks within their collective talent...i have been painstakingly lookin for the lyrics to all songs on big harvest for our band to perform...would love help or direction...i am lucky to own a vinyl and cd of big harvest...this band needed to be supported...
I am a senior high school student, and I think this will be my most listened-to album during this time. I first heard it when I was 3 years old, and I absolutely loved it! Now after all these years, I have taken it out of the cupboard, dusted it off, and all the songs still sound as good as they did 13 years ago. I play them over and over again in my mp3 player when I'm in a very good mood. I'm going to turn all my friends on to this album, and especially my girlfriend.
I totally agree with all of you. What a waste, this album is a true companion since the very first day I held it in my hands. It is a jewel ! Come on Gordon give it another try !!
I've no idea if anyone will ever read this, but I'm glad there are at least a few others who also have appreciated this underrated and neglected recording. I got my hands on a cassette copy of this album, completely by chance, back in 1989 (it belonged to a friend of my brother's who "borrowed" a couple of my tapes; I got "Big Harvest" in exchange). I eventually found a CD copy a few years later, but in the meantime, I enjoyed listening to the tape so much that I actually sent a S.A.S.E. to the address in the liner notes to get "lyrics and information". After reading some of the comments here, I was actually able to dig up the letter I received 13 years ago which contained the lyrics to all the songs on the album. If anyone's interested, I can e-mail them to you.
Gordon Peterson, are you dead or something? Man this album is so good, it makes my brain hurt. Subtle, visceral, beautiful!!! When it came out, I worked at a Tower store and every time I played the thing I would sell out all the stores in the area within 10 minutes!! WHERE ARE YOU GORDON??? MAKE ANOTHER RECORD!! I WILL PLAY GUITAR FOR YOU FOR FREE!!
Excellent work... now if someone could track him down... maybe there's some independant work out there after he was done w/ A&M...
i think its time to convert my DC to MP3's so others can share in this album. nice to see im not the only one who has been looking through the years for more from peterson.
Big Harvest was one of the first records I ever played in College radio - I still go back to that album (I have a copy on vinyl, cassette and cd!) as well as the 12" of "Hard Sun" that features an acoustic version. Who can forget the great background vocal work of Brenda Russell (the writer of "Piano in The Dark" and "Get Here" - made famous by Oleta Adams), Joni Mitchell and the drumming work of Vinnie Calaiuta (who went on to do fantastic work with Sting and others...) wow. I'm with the rest of the gang - Gordon P. where are you? (hope you are well and happy) thanks for the great record. Todd R.
he is very happy
This album was given to me by a friend from KUCI (U.C. Irivine radio station). While he didn't care for it I have listened to it over and over for more than 15 years. Simply put, one of the finest albums I have ever listened to. I too would love to hear from this songwriter. Perhaps a letter to Joni Mitchell would get the trick done???
Somebody at Gemm website, wrote down wrong....Indio, Gordon Peterson.- (Gabriel-Sting style) I just wonder if they were not like Peterson's style. For the other people whose love his music,he's just gone to other outside world. out there, futher the sky.
The search continues! I posted a comment to this site several years ago and I still wonder where Peterson ended up and why he didn't release something on an indie label somewhere.
Does anyone have the lyrics to the songs? I'd like to get them on paper. If anyone does, please forward them to me. Much obliged. Also, I have to agree with the other commenters. Big Harvest is one of my favorite CD's of all time and always will be.
Ten major facts about this album:
10. It's a fantastic album (as already mentioned).
9. Gordon brought in some big names for the entire production. They included Larry Klein, David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel's guitarist), Vinnie Colaiuta (played drums on Joe's Garage by Frank Zappa), Van Dyke Parks (worked with Brian Wilson on the unreleased Smile), Joni Mitchell (then Mrs. Larry Klein), Alex Acuņa (Weather Report) and Manny Elias (Tears For Fears).
8. He was an ingenious songwriter, with so many allusions to the Bible (perhaps he was a Christian), and observations about nature. Nobody else can match his talent nowadays (not in the rock world, anyway).
7. If A&M Records had kept him aboard the ship, he likely would have been releasing a few albums in the 1990's. They probably would be as good as Big Harvest.
6. An earlier comment stated that circa 1994, he was living in Toronto. Well, he does have a bit of a Canadian accent!
5. There are so many artists in the 1990's who really annoy the public, including the Crash Test Dummies and Hootie & those godforsaken Blowfish. Several useless acts have been filling up Virgin's Top 1000 Albums book. (If I recall correctly, Cracked Rear View was ahead of the awesome Layla in the recent edition.) Big Harvest should have been in there somewhere, even in the Top 100!!!!
4. Whose decision was it to cut Gordon's career short!?! That person is a complete asshole. I had been waiting so long to hear the next Indio album.
3. We can assume that Ms. Mitchell doesn't know about the location of Peterson because she's never given any sign. But now the album has becoming increasingly rare (very few copies were pressed), and that cool song "Hard Sun" even has a bit of backing vocals from Ms. Mitchell. Again, this makes fans of Peterson miss him even more.
2. It seems that almost everybody who has heard "Big Harvest" loves it. It is one of my favorite albums of all-time and I will never stop listening to it. Of course, I listen to other stuff, like Exile On Main Street, Appetite For Destruction or Mingus Ah Um. But, still...
1. Please stand by for a recorded message: GORDON PETERSON!!!! We all love you. You are one of the best singer/songwriters on the planet. You have been in the can for too long now. If you are alive, we demand that you show yourself. POST A MESSAGE ON THIS PAGE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First time I heard anything off of the "Big Harvest" album, I was flying from Toronto to San Francisco (1989) listening to my Walkman soaring several thousand feet above North America, and the song: Hard Sun, came on. It was immediate, and instantaneously hypnotic. Looking out over the landscape below as the sun set, this song captivated me, and when I returned to Toronto, I immediately went out and purchased it. I can't stop playing it, 14 years later. Highly recommended.
How many pieces of music can you recall the first time hearing..I recall walking into an A & B in Vancouver, and heard Big Harvest playing over the din in the store. This was 1989, I guess, when the album had just been released. I bought it immediately, and was soon to place it in the all time top 10 of a rather large collection. Can you imagine Monet painting one painting?
Certainly an excellent album. For those who want it on CD I'd suggest checking out your local used CD store - I see it fairly often in the used places near me. Here's a thought: Would you treasure this music as much if GP had gone on to crank out a bunch of mediocre pap? "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly." Eric
Amazing...I'm reading these comments. Just last week, the driving rythym from the song "Hard Sun" popped into my head, and I go to look what ever happened to Gordon Peterson, and NOTHING. What a shame!
Someone pointed this site out to me and I thought I owed some explanation. The short answer is I did not at the time, have whatever type of personality it required to endure the dark valleys that occur all too often in the business. It overwhelmed me and that was that. I am very much alive, healthy and well. I continue to write and record, and someday I plan to release my work to date but really have no time frame or finality to it. Thank you to all for your wonderful thoughts and well wishes. Gordon
Hey - cool! Thanks for the update Gordon. There's an audience here waiting when you're ready to release your next work.
i bought the album back when it first came out... simply loved it. "save for the memory" alone would be worth the price of several CD's IMHO but the entire work still ranks among my favorites 15 years later. if memory serves the song "hard sun" finished as one of the top 5 canadian songs of the year according to one chart i saw back then ... i seem to recall it ranked just behind "angel eyes" [jeff healey] and "black velvet" [alannah myles] -- both of which had significant success stateside, though i'm unclear how well indio's song fared on u-s charts. "save for the memory" must have been the follow-up single -- i heard it once or twice on canadian local radio i sent away at the time for the lyrics and still have them tucked away in a drawer. the accompanying letter indicated gordon would be getting together with the rest of the band to record a follow-up and that he was also doing some soundtrack work. obviously none of that came to fruition or saw the light of day. if the recent posting i saw is indeed from gordon peterson it's good to hear he's still around and may one day release new material. i count myself fortunate to have got hold a couple of years ago of a 45" single of "hard sun" with an unreleased track as the b-side... titled (though i'd have to go back and look to be exact on the wording) "sand through my hands"... a good song... has horns in the instrumentation, as a bit of a departure from the tunes included on the album. i agree with the comment from an earlier posting wondering if he's a christian. certainly the lyrics have shades of that and i also note the presence of percussionist alex acuna, who from what i've read is a devout christian and who from other albums i've seen him credited on tends to work with artists of faith, whether within music labelled specifically as christian (ex: phil keaggy)to those in the mainstream (ex: maria mckee). good to find there are others who consider "big harvest" such a fine album and who, like me, lament the fact there's never been a follow-up. peace and prayers
I was working for a CD manufacturer as a mastering engineer when one day, I received a tape to master by a band called Indio. It blew my socks off! Since then, it has remained one of my favorites. I can’t tell you how many people I have turned on to this music. This is not the only case where I have seen bands that should have been big but just didn’t make it but it is the most tragic case. Record companies can really suck!
Alright, this is stupid. We all keep asking for something we'll never get. So how's this: Look ole boy, just put some of your new crap together, burn some CDs and send them off to some of your fans here. It's not as if you're going to get a record deal (we've all given up on that), so how could it possibly hurt? I'm bored of wondering. There's no excuse for hiding out for so long. I realize it adds to the mythical qaulity of the album, but for shit's sake, there's no point in playing hide and seek any longer. Quit being a creep. It's just not interesting anymore.
okay...I have been searching for an entire week to no avail! Do any of you who have the album "Big Harvest" happen to have access to the lyrics to "Hard Sun"? I am anxious to get a copy if at all possible. With great appreciation...len
For those wanting lyrics and two songs not found on Big Harvest, go to: Log is as: Username: gordonsoulfood Password: indiowhere I've found many copies of Big Harvest at No disrespect to Mr. Peterson intended by posting these items....
My husband has been searching for 5 years for the song "Big Hard Sun" for 5 years finally he found it. Now he is going crazy because he is trying to get the lyrics. I would love to be able to surprise him with this if anyone has them please email me. He just thinks this guy is the greatest. We live in the USA but he thinks there are alot of great bands from Canada and this is one of his top 10. So please help out a fann. Thanks
Since my last posting wasn't clear, the lyrics to Big Harvest are available in the Yahoo! briefcase listed two postings above. In addition, there are two .mp3s of interest. Go to the briefcase to get the lyrics and the .mp3s.
Many, many thanks to the person who posted the Yahoo briefcase information. Hard Sun has been popping back into my mind for, what, fifteen years now? I only went looking for the lyrics and music recently and I was verrry disappointed to find they were out of circulation. What a complete shame. I have played Hard Sun about a thousand times since I downloaded that mp3; if anything it's even better than I remembered. I noticed that Gordon Peterson has posted to this group. Gordon, if that's you, is there any way to make Big Harvest available again? I would gladly pay to download the music. It's pretty rare that one album would persist for so long in so many people's minds. I gather you had a bad experience with the record companies (small wonder) but don't overlook what an enduring, positive effect your music has had. Anyway, thanks again to the briefcase poster. And, of course, thanks to Gordon.
I can't believe that a guy with this kind of talent could just vanish. I have been fortunate enough to have owned a few cd copies of Mr. Peterson's effort and consider among my prize musical possesions. This artist has it all;sensitivity when neccessary and a powerful punch when needed. I surely wish that somehow he could retun and give us a real alternative to the crap that's floating around these days. Thanks, Gordon for at least giving us these eleven grand songs.
As a whole, I find 80s music is too processed sounding and pretty much sucks.I buy and sell used Cds as a hobby, and I found Big Harvest at a pawn shop for a dollar. Never heard of them, anything about them, but the cover was interesting, so I popped it in my laptop. 10 seconds later I started it over and burned a copy to keep.Powerful stuff, gut-grabbing.
After 15 years, I've not tired one bit of this haunting music. The mystery of "indio", aka Gordon Peterson, only enhances the experience....
Big Harvest Was one of those rare albums that rang true deep in to my psyche. Both the lyrics and the carefully crafted sounds-scape combined to give not only a great musical experience, but a journey deep into one's soul. Gordon, It would sure be nice to hear more of your music if you'd be willing to give it a shot. I understand that the corporate music world is bent on profit margin and instant mainstream sucess and gratification; That's not what your music is about. There is depth and personal conviction in it. I am not the type to prostrate myself before others, Rather I wish from one person to another to encourage you to continue in something you're good at.Hell, your album inspired me to acquire a 5 string fretless bass back in '92 to be able to play along with some of your tunes(accolades to Larry Klein& Mickey Feat). Hope to hear more of your work soon! Greetings from the Kootenays in B.C! Rick (P.S. I tried to read the lyrics from the yahoo site but an "Illegal operation" warning kept popping up on my screen, perhaps someone else has the lyrics in a different format???)
I was in college at Evergreen when a friend, Tom, found the CD and played it for me. Though we both enjoyed it immensely, he eventually saw fit to give it to me. Not a loan, but a gift. I took that CD to Europe and though I went through a lot of music in those six months, this album defined that trip, and brings me back there still, almost fifteen years later. Thanks for the gift, Tom. Christopher Muir
I was in college at Evergreen when a friend, Tom, found the CD and played it for me. Though we both enjoyed it immensely, he eventually saw fit to give it to me. Not a loan, but a gift. I took that CD to Europe and though I went through a lot of music in those six months, this album defined that trip, and brings me back there still, almost fifteen years later. Thanks for the gift, Tom. Christopher Muir
i just hear dthis song on a canadian radio station quite recently...and loved it! i think the artist/singer sounds an awful lot like sting IMO..... looking forward to hearing the whole album!
Not to long ago, I received an answer to an email I sent out to David Rhodes. He had no clue what even became of Gordon. Needless to say, I was bummed. Big Harvest still rates as an all-time Top 10 album in my world.
just pulled out my copy of "big harvest". bought it new in 89 and it has haunted me all these years. it's truly, truly a timeless collecion of music. just went online to see if there was a hint of this album online and am so very pleased to see so many others who have been touched as i was. even if gordon peterson doesn't chose to make more of his music public he should be recognized for the uniqeness of this work. not sure how that would be done but it should happen.
I had never heard of Indigo before to-day, and I consider it my loss. I heard the song "Big Hard Sun" for the forst time today (8-16-2005) and fell in love with it. After 2hrs of serching I have found all of you. My first reaction of the song was it sounded very much in the "Crosby, Stills and Nash" vein. Also, thanks to the person who put up the Yahoo Breifcase.....All I have to do is find a copy of the album on CD.......Many thanks to all........
Anyone know where I can download the .wav/.aiff, and or lyrics to this song?
I was 15 when this album came out and I bought the cassette and played it to death. In 1998 I managed to find the mp3s on Napster. One person had all of the songs so I spent many hours (dialup back then) trying to get them. It was worth it, they were decent quality. However, my husband and I are heavy into the vinyl so last year I searched every other day (for months) on e-bay trying to find the album. I did find the cd several times so they are out there. Fortunately for me, my searches paid off. I got a sealed vinyl copy for under $20! Believe me, if you can find a good vinyl copy, buy it. If you have a high-end turntable, you're in for a real treat! The recording is excellent, very clean. If anyone does happen to find the lyrics, please e-mail me. They are not on the album sleeve.
Ok I got the lyrics from gordonsoulfood. Thank you very much! If anyone would like to download the mp3s, you can download them ftp. IP: Username: Indio Password: mp3 Enjoy!
Hi. I just wanted to join the throngs of Gordon Peterson fans who have voiced their love for this CD. It is amazingly timeless, hypnotic, relaxing, and a thousand other adjectives. Gordon, if you are out there, please get your new work recorded and distributed.
Have just posted a website regarding INDIO. Enjoy!
It is quite curious how hard people enjoy with myths and misteries. Definitely is all this people, those who are writing here, the ones who help to create the myth, and doing so, they can daydream all the way along in a world where is not many things to find out. Reality became legend, legend became past, but sadly, a part of the past without a basement, because have got not substance, or history. I get into this music in a far caribean country, many years ago, and realised it was very good, is getting better as the years passing by, as many things out there, but to keep things clear, I'm pretty sure this man is not gonna do a record never more the rest of his lifetime, just because the bloody worshippers. Who cares if you like that music or another, please listen hard and go your way in silence, that man is not Buddha, Big Harvest is not the Bible, but just a record, a good record, that's all.
It is quite curious how hard people enjoy with myths and misteries. Definitely is all this people, those who are writing here, the ones who help to create the myth, and doing so, they can daydream all the way along in a world where is not many things to find out. Reality became legend, legend became past, but sadly, a part of the past without a basement, because have got not substance, or history. I get into this music in a far caribean country, many years ago, and realised it was very good, is getting better as the years passing by, as many things out there, but to keep things clear, I'm pretty sure this man is not gonna do a record never more the rest of his lifetime, just because the bloody worshippers. Who cares if you like that music or another, please listen hard and go your way in silence, that man is not Buddha, Big Harvest is not the Bible, but just a record, a good record, that's all.
I remember hearing Indio on WFNX back in the day. I also remember reading a glowing review in the Boston Phoenix. This CD is at the top of my "forgotten '80's" along with The Lover Speaks (A&M), Goanna (ATCO), The Sports (Mushroom), Danny Wilson (Virgin), November Group (A&M), and Private Lightning (A&M). Side Note: A&M and Sony crush the souls of talented people. Check out: October Project
A little birdy tells me that Indio's Big Harvest is available at
I have a copy of this on CD (original), and would be willing to make it available via usenet or the torrent sites if there is interest. I will not sell it, or make you a CD-R copy, as I just don't have the time. Send me an e-mail if you know how to torrent or use the newsgroups, and I'll send you a link to the album.
oh and if you haven't heard, Eddie Vedder of pearl jam will be covering Hard Sun on his soundtrack for Sean penns film, Into the Wild,,4400759,00.html
Any chance someone can torrent or ftp this album? I've been hearing and reading so much about it, but I can't even find it anywhere to buy or download. Can someone help me?
A version of the album can be found on Maybe Eddie Vedder's version of Hard Sun can finaly bring Gordon all the honour he deserves.
I'm from Gords hometown. His brother gave me the tape back in the day. Years later his brother asked for my Indio CD. He still hasn't returned it in all these years. I'm sooo happy to see this page. I LOVE Indio. Added to my life really. I'm going to get my fricken cd back and make sure Gord and his family see this page.
I have heard whisperings that a LAME V0 rip may be available on rapidshare:
Brilliant album. Thought I was alone, nobody, I mean nobody I know, knew about this album. I played it for anybody who would listen, and over and over again. I kept looking for a follow-up as well. If ever it happens, please, someone. E-mail me. Ta Eddie's version isn't as subtle, or as lush. But he did a good job.
What has to happen to get this back in Print again? This CD is going Used for $125 - $275 on Amazon. An old scratched up one is already climbed up over $40 on Ebay (auction not ended yet). I heard the remake for the movie and a caller on Sound Opinions (radio show) pointed out the original. But its impossible to find (and I don't like downloading stuff I haven't bought) the CD.
I've amazing reviews on this album. Anyone know where I can get a CD copy of this album. Will gladly pay!!
ive been looking for this album for 18 years, triple m in sydney austrailia just played big hard sun someone, reissue this on cd or at least itunes
Adding my two cents. I never heard of Indio until the cover by Eddie Vedder for Into the Wild. The song Hard Sun is magnificent, though after I heard Gordon's voice on the original, I'm determined to get a copy of the whole recording. Would anyone be willing to help? Thanks.
why do i cry at
one time i farted on one of this guy's albums... other than that he was great.
Go to this website for the latest news on Gordon Peterson
Go to this website for the latest news on Gordon Peterson
I have Big Harvest in mp3 format. Email me your address. I will be happy to share it.
If anyone hears of a place that has the cd for a reasonable price please post. 300 bucks at Amazon is not reasonable. 9.99 on Itunes would be good but they don't have out of the ordinary stuff.
To all of those asking for a CD copy: you can download the entire album on mp3 at rapidshare, according to the comment above. Just copy/paste the address below into your browser, follow the instructions, and download. I just checked, and the link is still active as of Dec 2007. I have used it myself, and it works, with high-quality mp3s that sound just like the CD. After you download, then you can burn to all of the CDs that you want!
Into the Wild Body: Hi Gordon Jerry Hannan here, from California. I wrote SOCIETY on the ITW Soundtrack. I'm lovin' Hard Sun. . I heard your version years ago from Sean Penn. Just thought I'd drop a note and say hello. Also, if it's convenient for you, I'd like to have a chat. Maybe we can get ideas from each other re; new opportunities, collecting royalties, etc. Congrats on your great song. Hope to hear from you. best, Jerry 415 302 4655
Just downloaded the Rapidshare files. Bless you! Everyone who loves this music should go to iTunes or other music website and BUY (yes, BUY) Hard Sun from the INTO THE WILD soundtrack. Support Gordon Peterson! He will get royalties from each sale. I only wish the album was still available.
I purchased the cassette when it was first released and played it til I wore it out. I then replaced it with a CD. I was so pleasantly surprised to hear Eddy Vedder resurrect Hard Sun but his rendition is nowhere nearly as good as the original. No disrespect to PJ, though. They hit the mainstream around the same time as Indio. Big Harvest remains one of my favorite albums, ranking up there with the early works of U2. I've been waiting and hoping that Gordon Peterson would someday grace us with another masterpiece. For me, Big Harvest is timeless. Eddie, just make sure you give Gordon his due. Craig
Never been a fan of downloading/pirating an artist's work, but I just downloaded Big Harvest and I think Mr. Peterson would approve. Why? because the album has been out of print for many years and all those pirates out there who are getting big bucks for their copy of Indio Big Harvest are not sharing a penny of it with Gordon. Somebody out there must own the rights to this music and it would be great to see it reissued and proper royalties go to the artist.
I've been listening to Eddie Vedder's cover of Hard Sun for months now and every time I do I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I just found out today that it was originally written and performed by Gordon. I downloaded his original version from LimeWire and found it to be the better version. It shocked me even further to know that Gordon was originally from Dundas, ON, where I currently live. This absolutely floored me!! That such an amazing artist was born somewhere down the street from me in this tiny little valley and having never heard of him is stunning. Admittedly, I have walked along the Dundas escarpment and and conservation areas listening to Vedder's cover, admiring the natural wonders around me. All the while the irony was lost on me that I was likely walking in Gordon's footsteps, listening to his song. I'll have a pint or two at the Collins while they play your album, I'll make sure of it. Cheers!!
we as a whole need indio back to change and staraighten our lives the music from this amazing band is ever changing. The eyes water at the lyrics and makes the mouth moisten for more. we need indio like another nirvana.
At work, listening to Sirius and Hard Sun is playing. I thought that I had heard the song years ago, before the Vedder version. Then I found the original song on YouTube by Indio. Great song by a truly gifted songwriter. I wish we could hear more by Gordon Peterson.
I saw on a page that youtube used to have 2 Indio videos. These have now been pulled off and I was wondering if anybody can point me via email to links or files of these that work.The first link was an acoustic version of Hard Sun with guest players Loreena McKennitt and Rick Lazar including a nice interview and the second was an official video for Hard Sun. Thanks in advance for any help.
This album is available as a high qaulity download at: Enjoy
The Indio album will be (legally) reissued by Pacemaker in February 2009.
I cannot believe as a Canadian that I have never heard of Gordon Peterson until now. Thanks to this site I can hear his album and will be purchasing it when it is re-released. I cannot stop listening to that extra track submitted above and can only dream that he puts out more of his work for us to enjoy.
how can i get the album now? lost my copy years ago Peace
gordonsoulfood, since yahoo briefcase has closed, where can we go to get the two mp3s? thanks.
gordonsoulfood, since yahoo briefcase has closed, where can we go to get the two mp3s? thanks.
Thanks still working!
Gordon Peterson. Hard Sun performed by you is AWESOME. I don't know what it is, but I can listen to that song over and over. I read the comment you posted on the business and can understand not wanting to let yourself become corrupted by it. Please continue writing. I am many will buy your CD's Thank you, Mike
I am so amazed that so many people were as moved with this album as I was. Lost it in the divorce and she never appreciated like I did. Anyway, where can I get another copy, please, someone out there must have access.
If anyone is interested and anyone here sould be. I found a site, all the music, all the lyrics.
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